Caring for your furniture!

Caring for your furniture!

Just delivered?
If you have just had your furniture from D&R Rustics delivered. Please ensure for the first 1-3 days you do not clean your dining table with a damp cloth too vigorously. Just whilst the wax adjusts and sets. But this is normally fine due to the time the item has been waxed for before delivery.

 Regular waxing boosts the protection and overall appearance of the wood. You can wax your furniture as much as you want but once or twice a year is adequate.

Waxing is quick and easy and shouldn’t take you long at all (it smells great too).
Using an old rag or similar lint-free cloth, generously apply the wax in circular motions to spread the wax evenly over the surface and then following the grain to remove any excess.

After giving the furniture a coat of wax all over, you should notice it looking dull but don’t worry, this is normal.

Immediately buff with another clean rag, cloth, or buffing brush, give all surfaces a buff. It’s up to you how shiny you want it; it doesn’t take much effort to get a mid-sheen (like when you received your furniture) or continue to buff for a glossier finish.

We can supply 400g tins of wax with your furniture for £16.99 or £19.99 including P&P or an aftercare package for £23.99 on order with furniture or £26.99 including P&P

Things to be careful of..
Placing hot or wet items such as pans, plates etc directly onto the surface.
We recommend the use of place-mats or coasters to avoid unwanted stains and marks.
But don't worry if you get any marks it is always possible to remove them.

Protecting Metal Work
Your metalwork has been professionally powder coated - which means they are fully protected for indoor & outdoor usage. No maintenance is needed, just a dust down as normal. If you have rust marks please do get in touch to discuss your options.


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